Surface Spray
Surface Spray

Surface Spray

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Cleaners are gross! Am I right?

Well, welcome have found the right place.

Chemical based cleaners are so gross people who work long term with them are falling ill to nerve disease (parkinsons). The studies on this are just coming out. But, the result is what most of us suspected all along, these chemical cleaners aren't designed with the human holding them anywhere in mind.

Long ago I said "to hell with that stuff" and made my own. I have been making this recipe ever since( 20 years). Not only is it safe, it cleans wonderfully, strips grease, and best of won't make you or you family sick! 

In fact, it will leave behind a beautiful spa like smell.

Don't forget! Our skin is an organ, it is has a million little mouths called pores, and each surface we touch we expose our bodies to residue chemicals left behind from these toxic based cleaning products. 

Love yourself! Love your cleaner!

Ingredients: distilled water, borax, citric acid, essential oil blend (eucalyptus & peppermint)

16 ounce glass spray bottle.